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Server hosting is undoubtedly one of the most sought after server hosting solutions in the recent times. Nevertheless, VPS server hosting has also gained a lot of popularity considering the virtualization technologies used in this kind of server hosting. It is the use of virtualization technologies in VPS server hosting that significantly helps in enhancing the functionality and the performance of websites. This type of hosting involves a server that is sliced into several virtual servers. All the virtual servers act in the form of dedicated servers. But the reality is that they share the servers with various other websites. VPS servers hosting is perfect for businesses that require better control on their servers but do not want to make huge investments in dedicated server hosting.

Reasons behind the Popularity of VPS Server Hosting

Linux VPS server hosting and even Windows VPS server hosting packages are preferred cheap dedicated server hosting. There are good reasons behind all the preference going for VPS servers in place of dedicated servers. First of all, the users of dedicated server hosting deals need to be technically savvy. People lacking good skills in this area should never go for dedicated servers. Hence, it becomes quote evident for them to go for VPS servers. Despite the fact that with all the different server hosting platforms, there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated, VPS server hosting provides more advantages in comparison to shared hosting. It is a more economical solution in comparison to dedicated server hosting.

Just like dedicated servers, even VPS server offer root level access to their users enabling them to have complete control on the entire server environment through a robust management and control panel. In addition to this, the users also get the option of installing third-party, commercial and open source applications.

When collating between Windows or Linux VPS server hosting, your decision on the operating system is completely dependent on your expected usage for the server.

It is important to note that in the present times, Cloud VPS server hosting is not as widely used as Linux VPS hosting. The unit shipments of Windows are developing additionally but not more gradually. Here, we will be having a look at the differences between Linux and Windows VPS hosting, specifically the variables like security, possession cost, stability and their importance to the business clients.

Operating System

The operating system that keeps on running on a server is probably the most distinctive difference between Windows and Linux. The functions and the syntax found through Linux command line are in no ways similar to clicking the menus on a Windows operating system.


The right server solution as far as security is concerned is Linux. Linux was specifically planned to be used in the form of a multiuser operating system. With Linux VPS servers, only the root client or the administrator gets the privilege of accessing everything. With Windows server hosting, it is the framework head that has complete control on everything.


Majority of the individuals who are aware of Cloud VPS Server hosting will agree to the fact that Linux servers possess the capability of operating continuously for a very long time without any crashes or failures. Majority of the organizations would face disastrous consequences for even a few seconds of downtime. This even goes for the large websites. But there are site downtimes completely avoided with the use of Linux server hosting.

On the other hand, it is true that Windows server hosting has enhanced with time but it is still very far away from serving as the Linux servers.

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