5 Trendy Ideas For Flower Girl Dresses

Are you trying to come up with the perfect flower girl dresses for the little ones? Well, you might want to try following some of these ideas. Picking the right flower girl dress is crucial because little girls often throw tantrums if they don’t really want the dress which you are going to let them wear. So here are some useful tips which you might like to follow:

1. Try to splash the little girl’s favorite color on the gown – It’s not really that necessarily that the flower girl’s dress strictly follows the wedding’s color motif. You can try asking the little girls what their favorite color is and you can add hints of it onto the dress. This way it will be more interesting for them to wear the said clothing item.

2. Add some beads as embellishments – Gone are the days when you need to rely on good old lace trimmings to keep your gowns looking classic. You should also be aware of using lace, because it tends to get really hot and itchy against the skin which might just turn out to be very uncomfortable for your flower girl. Beads look more elegant and you can also put more details on the gown if that is what you use.

3. Pair the gown with the flowers – This small detail should not be missed if you want to make sure the gown is trendy too. Think about the basket of flowers which your little flower girl will be holding and try to picture how the gown and the basket or the little bouquet of flowers would fit together.

4. Make some pattern on the skirt – You might want to leave the upper part of the gown simple and comfortable. If you really want to place designs and patterns it would be best to place them on the surface of the skirt itself so it would be seen much better and would not be distracting too for the kids.

5. Keep within your theme – Make sure that the gown you will create for the flower girl is not entirely out of place. Make it a centerpiece of your theme since these little kids are bound to look really cute while wearing the said dress. You can experiment a bit but just make sure that you still stick with the theme of your wedding.

You might also want to look into the materials which will be used to create your flower girls’ dresses. Aside from being trendy in terms of design, you should also keep in mind that the comfort it will bring to the wearer is also very important. Kids often throw tantrums in the middle of a walk because of the discomfort they feel with what they are wearing. So the least you can do is make sure that their clothes would not make them feel itchy or prick them while they are walking down the aisle.

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