Bathroom Storage : 20 Ways to Maximise Space

Maximising space can be a difficult job, especially when you are not sure where to begin. Moreover, it can be daunting if you are new to the world of DIY (Do it yourself) and interior designing. However, you do not need to panic.

There is a never-ending list for solutions to increase storage. For example, you can install shelves, use plastic boxes, add towel racks, etc.

This article will help you discover 20 ways through which you can maximise the space of your bathroom.

#1: Storage Cubes

The storage cubes are available in various shapes and sizes and are wonderful for small spaces. Their wide range of material availability can help you match them according to your theme. These can also be installed in the walls.

#2: Baskets and Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes and baskets are great ways to increase storage in your bathroom. These help you accessorise while providing space. In fact, plastic boxes do not damage through water, which is the best thing about these items.

#3: Stacks

Using stacks for storage can be very decorative and convenient. You can keep all your products like body wash, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc in these stacks.

#4: Towel Racks 

Generally, towel racks are attached to a radiator or are on the wall. However, if your bathroom is not spacious, you can try installing them on the shower door or at the back of the bathroom door.

#5: Slipper

So you think that your small-sized bathroom is not comfortable? Well, you would not anymore. You can go for slipper-styled baths in which you can even rest your back. Moreover, these come in various sizes so you can get one according to your bathroom, too.

#6: Shower in the Corner                 

Small bathrooms generally do not have enough space for showers, which is why a shower in the corner works wonders. You can also opt for a sliding door instead of hinged ones to save more space.

#7: Trough Sinks 

Narrow and stylish, trough sinks are great for the ones who lack in bathroom space. You will get a huge amount of space below the sink for storage.

#8: Go for Long Sinks

Even in the case of small spaces, long sinks work well. You can keep the toiletries on both the sides of the sink. Furthermore, you can also install a lengthy cupboard below in order to keep the bathroom clutter-free and organised.

#9: Faucet in the Wall

A wall-mounted faucet can help you install a narrower sink, thereby saving plenty of space. Faucets add a touch of class and work in every environment.

#10: Only Glass

A complete glass shower allows the bathroom to look more spacious by permitting light to reflect directly against the surface. Moreover, it gives a classy look to your bathroom.

#11: A Combo of Shower and Bath

If you are extremely short on space, go for a combo of bath and shower where you can get the best of both without comprising your desires.

#12: Accessories

If you have a very small budget or are unwilling to renovate due to any other reason, you can still make your bathroom look great by accessorising. This idea can do wonders, especially when you opt for a theme. Once you have decided the theme, you can go shop for mirrors, lights, and everything else that you want to decorate your bathroom with. When you are done mounting and installing, you will see the transformation.

#13: Skip the Shower Door

If your bathroom is very small, you can only squeeze in a tub and a toilet. Therefore, in such a case, it is better to skip the shower door to provide yourself with the required elbow-room. Instead, go for a glass panel that will keep the water away while not taking much space of your bathroom.

#14: Mirror Effects

Rather than hanging a mirror just above the sink, consider going for larger mirrors. These create the illusion of larger spaces through reflections. Similarly, you can go for glass tiles that can be installed on your bath wall.

#15: Over-the-Toilet Counter

You can extend the counter of the sink over the toilet. This provides you with the much-needed space for keeping essentials while keeping the look minimal. The slabs can be either in wood or in stone – banjo-style arrangements do not have any restrictions.

#16: Round Vanity

Many corners can make the bathroom seem to be even less spacious. Therefore, you may go for vanities that are round in shape. These will remove the edgy look of the bathroom proving it to be more spacious.

#17: Shower Curtains

Unlike a shower door that moves in and out, a shower curtain moves back and forth. And in a bathroom that is very small, it is better to consider curtains than panels or doors. This provides more movement in the bathroom.

#18: Sunken Bath 

If you are planning a renovation for your bathroom, think about installing a sunken bath. If you have enough space under the floorboards, a sunken bath is the best choice. Going for one will make your bathroom look luxurious, giving it a hotel-style vibe.

#19: Wall-Hung Fittings

Sanitary ware hung over the walls create an illusion of a larger bathroom. This is mainly because one can see the floor beneath the fittings. Go for minimalism while choosing light colors.

#20: All-White

Go for an all-white scheme to enhance the natural light in your bathroom. In places where light does not reach properly, the room can seem to be dingy and dark. In addition, you may also paint your wall white. This will also give a look of larger space.

Our homes can be spacious, while our bathrooms having fewer storage spaces. Since many things are required to be kept in the bathroom, it is necessary to increase the storage space. Moreover, comfort is also essential. One should, therefore, be careful while designing their bathroom and must consider every possibility.

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