Choosing the Best Bed For Your Bedroom

Choosing the best bed for your bedroom is vitally important. You want to pick one that suits your needs whilst providing that all important comfort which lets you get to sleep.

We know that Sleep is as fundamental to life as eating and drinking. Lose some and you can feel pretty awful. Lose a lot and you could end up with some serious medical issues. Because of this choosing the right bed, and mattress, is a very important decision.

With so many options out there it can be hard to know just which bed will cater perfectly to your wants and needs.

Here is a brief breakdown of the options out there

Divan Bed

A divan bed is the most common type of beds out there. It is the simple base that your mattress will lie on. There is no headboard attached and typically they have a hard top on which to place your mattress. Some divans can come with springs in their base to provide that little extra bit of comfort.

Divan’s are usually the cheapest type of bed available and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Storage Bed

Storage beds are exactly what they say. They are a bed with extra storage space usually found in the form of drawers in the base of the bed. Other storage bed options come in the form of Ottoman beds which lift up the entire bed to provide access to the storage space below.

If you are short for storage space and want to maximise the use of space in the bedroom these ae an ideal option.


Unlike divans bedsteads do not have a solid base. They are made up of slatted frames and this type of bed usually has a frame, legs and a headboard.

While this means that there is space beneath the bed which could be used for storage it isn’t ideal for such a thing as it can make things look very untidy and, if you’ve ever looked under a bed, can be prone to collecting dust underneath.

TV Beds

As you would expect this is a bed with a built-in television. They come in a range of sizes from double and upwards and typically are of a divan type.

The beauty of a bed with a built in tv is that it saves on space. You don’t need an extra dresser to set the tv on or you don’t have to endure the hassle of wall-mounting your tv.

Bunk Beds

If you are someone with a few children but are lacking in home and bedroom space a bunk bed is always a great option. Effectively having two beds on top of each other saves on a lot of that vitally important space.

Some bunk beds only have a single bed on top with a desk built in underneath which is another great space saving idea especially if they are placed in a small room. While they only cater for one child, as opposed to the two of the traditional bunk, the use of underlying space frees up some room in the rest of the bedroom.

Zip and Link Beds

These beds are basically made up of two separate ‘single’ sized beds which join up. They are usually attached at the base with secure metal links. However they may also be used as separate beds.

These types of beds are popular with people who have very little access space to their bedroom. Maybe the hallway, or bedroom, are too small to be able to accommodate a large double bed. By being able to separate the bed to get into a room and then put it back together you are gaining some flexibility in terms of which room can become your bedroom.

As we can see when it comes to choosing the best bed for your bedroom there are a lot of options out there. To get a good idea of the beds available and what they look like you can visit here.

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