How to make your website first in ranking?

SEO is the fundamental part of any digital marketing plan. SEO means Search engine optimization, which makes it easy to find web page, easy to move and easy to make groups or classify it. Its purpose is to help our clients to find their business among other thousands of companies. Basically, SEO is an art to increase the visibility and makes your website more eye-catching and noticeable in search engine.

Some major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing, have central search results. These search results contain content such as web pages, videos, images and local listings and their ranking is based on what the search engine find more relevant to users need.

The website is easily accessible, uses words that people type to search engine and convey a specific impression involves SEO. SEO helps to make the website useful and make it quality content to help answer the queries of user’s questions.

Many SEO Companies are offering their services in SEO and help to increase the website traffic. These companies have professionals to help websites more traffic and focus on generating lead to increase your sales. Our focus is to provide full services in digital marketing agency and try to deliver good results.

SEO is very important for marketers for good business. When you optimize your website, it makes it more visible and accessible for people using keyword related with your product or your services via search engines like Google or Yahoo. If you want to generate lead for your business, need people to find you through Google search, Search engine optimization should be on your priority list.

If you want to increase the chance of getting higher ranks on Google search, for this purpose should improve their SEO. The websites which are considered more relevant and useful, are determined by using complex algorithm which is a mathematical process. It takes into account more than 200 factors which Google keep in secret. It is difficult to know how Google rank websites. But some expert SEO consultant comes to know of those important factors through research, experience and testing.

The most common and important factors on which every SEOs agrees are:

  • Keyword usage;
  • Site speed;
  • Time spent on site;
  • Site structure;
  • Mobile usability;
  • Number of inbound links;
  • Quality of inbound links;

The algorithm is wholly designed and set manually, and the ranking given by the websites are approved by the outcome of the algorithm.

If you want to improve your ranking websites and wish that your website rises the ranks to the top of search engine result, should take certain steps.

Publish relevant content

Quality and relevant content is the master key to be number one driver of your search engine rankings. There is no substitute of good and relevant content. The most relevant content created specifically for your user keep him for long time on your site and increases site traffic.


Identify and use specific keyword phrases on your websites. Do not select multiple keyword phrases as they will not get good ranking in search engine.

Update your content

You should update your content to keep it fresh. Updated content is viewed as the best indicators of sites relevancy. Audit your content on regular basis.

Create a link-worthy site

You should focus on relating on creating relevant links within the text. Always use descriptive links by linking keywords, which add value to your readers and improve search engine optimization. It is also useful for readers with disabilities.

You should describe your visuals and video media using alternative text descriptions for browsers and screen readers.

You should give priority to the factors that the algorithm emphasizes on and work actively to improve them.

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