Why We Love Fireplaces

A love of fire is as old as humanity itself. It has kept us warm, cooked our food, given us comfort. And whilst we have other ways to fulfil those needs nothing comes as close as a real fire in doing so.

It appeals to us somewhere deep inside. Whether knowing or unknowingly we appreciate that it has been central to the development of humankind.

Light a camp fire and we’ll all sit around basking in its glow. Enter a room with a roaring fire and you are immediately drawn to it. For years a fire in your home was the only source of heat for cooking and keeping us warm.

Time moved on and other forms of heating and cooking arrived. People moved to using oil, gas and electricity, for heating, and electricity and gas for cooking. But the use of fire still remained. 

Usually when a new method for doing something appears the old way dies off. Not so with the use of fire. It isn’t just the practical aspect of it keeping us warm that has made it retain its appeal. Its that deep historical connection. The one that feels a sense of safety and comfort from a lit roaring fire. The one that is ingrained into our very nature.

Fire and Fireplaces In The Modern Age

Historically our fireplaces, and fires, have been simplistic and functional. They originated as fire pits but as we moved into better dwellings they developed too. Generally they were a simple brick construction built from the same bricks as the building in which they reside. But as time moved on so did the range and availability of fires and fireplaces as our love for fire refused to abate.

Now fireplaces are made from a range of different materials including granite, marble, oak etc and fires may be made either from traditional solid fuel like coal or even gas or electric. Whilst a coal or wood fire provides us with that common, traditional fire that we all recognise, we can see how important that ‘look’ really is as the other fuel types usually make a point of making their ‘fire’ look as realistic as possible.

It isn’t just the look of our fireplaces that has changed. They have also become more effective. According to the design and material used in a fireplace it can be much more heat efficient directing that much needed warmth where it is needed rather than being lost up a chimney.

Why We Love, And Will Continue To Love, A Fireplace

Love of a fireplace is quite a complex issue. If it was simply a matter of convenience our use of them may have died out long ago. They can be messy when it comes time to cleaning them out as the light ash floats into the air. But that doesn’t stop us from using them. Why?


A fire, especially a solid fuel fire, has a reliability not found elsewhere. Your electricity or oil may run out but you can still put a fire on. As someone who lives in an area where electrical blackouts are ridiculously common having a solid fuel fire can be a life saver especially in those winter months.


Fire provides a comfort and not just as it is a source of heat. There is a romanticism involved and a joy found in just basking in the warm glow it provides. A roaring fire makes you feel safe and warm.

Cuts Energy Costs

As oil and electricity prices continue to rise over the years the cost of running a fire in comparison has remained relatively low. Some fireplaces are built in such a way that the heat they produce is also used to heat a water tank further saving on your energy costs.

Our love for fire and fireplaces is here to stay. Its enduring appeal continues and may do so for many, many years to come. The only problem one may encounter when buying a modern fireplace is just which one to pick as there are so many to choose from catering for a range of different needs and wants. And that’s not really a problem at all.

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