Common Teeth Whitening Procedures

Many people are looking to get whiter and brighter smiles. White teeth are perceived as attractive in many cultures, so it is no surprise that this is one of the most requested services at a Brooklyn dentist office. Learn about common types of whitening procedures, and discover which one is right for your unique needs.

In-Office Light-Activated Treatments

One of the more popular whitening treatments is an in-office whitening session. There are many systems that dentists use to deliver this result, but the procedure is typically the same. The dentist or assistant applies the whitening material to the teeth, and a light is attached that activates the material. Patients may have a single session or may return for more than one.

Bleaching Trays

For patients wishing to whiten teeth at home, bleaching trays can be a good option. A dentist can take a mold of the patient’s teeth to create a custom-fabricated tray. The patient fills the tray with special bleaching material and wears it for a certain period of time each day. It is important that the patient receive specific instructions from the dentist about proper use; each whitening product can vary in its use.

Whitening Strips

Advanced-strength whitening strips can be purchased through a dental office, but there are also over-the-counter options available. These strips can provide results for many patients, but it typically takes longer than with other methods. Some patients complain of sensitivity after using this whitening method, so it is important to always check with a dentist to make sure that the bleaching material is safe to use every day.

Getting whiter teeth is easier than ever before with all the many options available. To find out what method would work best for you, consider discussing it with your dentist or dental hygienist at your next appointment.

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