Is cannabis the real gateway drug?

Gateway drugs can be defined as habit-forming drug that can lead to the use of other drugs which are more addictive. For decades, there has been a theory which states that consumption of softer drugs can lead to using stronger substances and studies suggest that this transition is real in most of the cases. Moreover, gateway drugs are considered as a drug that is easily accessible by young people. Some people support this theory and have categorized tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana as the gateway drug but there is a huge community of people who don’t agree to the theory.

Some long term smoker states that he has been smoking for a decade consistently and throughout he hasn’t had urged to move further in drug use. He further adds he is not prompted with pressure nor does have any history of addiction. Such people conclude the final decision is chosen by the user and the major factors which work as a gateway are

  1. Social and peer group pressure

In today’s world getting addicted to a certain drug or trying number of stuff, all depends on the group of friends one choose to be associated with. There are high chances your peer and the peer pressure might force you to try on number of drugs and you might get addicted to something else.

  1. Any prior drug use

History of drug uses heavily influence marijuana being a gateway drug as the user might have past experience of stronger highs.

Before and after the legalization of marijuana it has always been the most accessible drug. Hence there are high chances people who have used less accessible and illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine or LSD are likely to have first accessed marijuana and other more accessible drugs characterized including alcohol and tobacco. But there is no proof that consumption of one causes the use of another.

There are cases where people who regularly consume cannabis or marijuana never go on to use illegal drugs available and then there is no sign of dependency or any other associated problem as well.

In most of the cases, marijuana has been considered as the endpoint in the drug use rather than being a gateway drug. Moreover, some new evidence and search report also concludes that marijuana can serve as the exit drug which means it can help people to reduce or eliminate the consumption of other harmful drugs which affects their life physically, mentally and financially.

In addition to this, cannabis is now used to treat a number of medical conditions. They are being recommended by the licensed medical experts to control the symptoms of some chronic disease or to provide relief to the sufferers.  Hence, cannabis is very safe, harmless and mild drug compared to most other drugs.

It can also be considered that no drugs are gateway drugs but if they are sold at the same place some people might want to try other drugs after trying their first drug. However, there are human beings who might look for another drug as they wish to try them. In a nutshell, it is the human being who has control over the consumption and has nothing to do with actual drugs themselves. The cannabis has been legalized in several states and Canada is one of them. Namaste is one of the well known and legal cannabis brand who develop premium, adult-use, recreational brand of cannabis.

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