Julia Callier, Health Media and Acai berry pulp – The particular Mysterious Relationship

In the previous couple of weeks we’ve received quite a few emails concerning Julia Callier – any health media reporter : who researched the fat loss benefits of the acai. We have got heard a great deal about the acai and claims which it can help you lose fat, that we all were excited to master that any health media reported acquired some testing around the supplement. Unforunately, even as investigated more we learned that Julia Miller had not been who the lady claimed being.

Some Backdrop on the acai

The Acai berry pulp is a tiny purple berries that grows inside the Amazon Rainforest. The berries grows inside bunches an excellent source of the The acai Palm shrub. The Acai berry pulp has a really large seed starting – with just about 10% with the berry edible epidermis and pulp. While the acai is small in proportions, it will be large inside nutrition – with an increase of antioxidants than any fruit. The fact the Acai berry pulp can assist in energy, increase sleep styles, reduce swelling, boost the disease fighting capability and help in digestion of food is extensively accepted. What is significantly more ready to accept debate will be the weight damage powers of the acai.

The Acai berry pulp and Colon detox – Any Match Manufactured in Marketing Paradise?

One with the common designs among sites that advertise Acai for fat loss is to be able to pair that with cleansing the colon. This looks liked an appealing combination thus we would a lookup at PubMed for almost any clinical studies around the combination regarding Acai and cleansing the colon – we failed to find virtually any studies. It seems like the proven fact that the a couple of supplements must be used with each other is a lot more a make a difference of marketing and advertising than research.

Julia Callier And Her 30 days of Fat loss

So we all were cynical about fat loss claims, nevertheless the report we all read coming from Health Media 7 appeared so encouraging. Julia Callier, a mature Health Press reporter, decided to use an The acai supplement and cleansing the colon to notice if the lady really misplaced weight. Inside the article, she reports on her results weekly and in the long run she misplaced over twenty eight pounds in 1 month! The write-up also contains a lot of positive accounts from some other readers which left feedback. We have been thrilled right up until we made a decision to dig slightly deeper and discover more about Julia Callier and the girl network : Health Media 7.

Will the true Julia Callier Please Remain true?

We employed Google to accomplish a browse Julia Callier and The acai and we all were shocked that which you found. We bought at least 8 diverse sites together with slightly diverse news brands – Well being News 6, Media Health 9, Fresh 7 Well being, etc. Each of them had the identical report coming from Julia Callier – plus a picture regarding Julia Callier. Here could be the amazing factor – each picture regarding Julia Miller differs from the others! We usually are not talking slightly difference, in a single photo she actually is blond together with blue face – next she provides brown head of hair, brown face and about a decade younger. No chance Acai could accomplish that!

It was needs to become clear that health reporter was just diverse stock photos rather than a reporter in any way. It furthermore was turning into clear the news sites are not actually media sites in any way. We sensed we have been getting very near the truth with this story, we just necessary to dig slightly deeper.

The Unhappy Truth concerning Julia Miller as well as the Health Media Sites…

After a few more searches, we found an unbelievable article detailing the complete truth about Julia Miller as well as the network regarding health media sites. The aforementioned article does an unbelievable job regarding clearly explaining the reality about these kinds of “news reports”.

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