What do you do when you’re sad?

After the final exam, you wanted to have a good rest, but your friend forced you to go to sea for a holiday, you reluctantly agreed. What kind of weather would you like to get up the next day?

  1. Sunny days without clouds.
  2. Cool and cloudy.
  3. Hot and cloudy.

Test results:

  1. When you are sad, what you want to do is to escape the pain for a while. Because you’re not a quick thinker, it takes a long time to figure out what the problem is. Alcohol and other forms of anesthesia are your go-to ways to ease the pain of heartbreak.
  2. Although you wish you could forget your sorrow, the truth is not as simple as you think. Because you are a very emotional person, your heart is very weak. You will escape heartbreak for a while, but that won’t really solve your problem.
  3. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t listen to advice, and unless you figure it out for yourself, it’s no use trying to reason with you. You’re tough on the outside, but vulnerable on the inside. You refuse to communicate with others and get angry alone.
  4. In fact, you are a very simple and soft person. You want to pretend to be strong to cover your wound, but it is very difficult for the simple you. You like to forget the pain by being happy for a short time, but a long time is not the solution.
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