Perhaps Your Job Ad Is Too Intimidating for Candidates to Apply

Internet has allowed companies to post their job ads not just to the local audience but to potential candidates in any part of the world. Most importantly, you now have social networking websites helping you find the right talent to give your company the boost it needs. However, when you are not able to hire the right people, it does not mean there are not enough great candidates in the market. The talent is always there. Sometimes, the problem is with your job advertisement. Your ad is not good enough to encourage people to apply for the job.

Why You Should Not Create an Intimidating Job Ad

First, you have to understand that yes, a job ad can be intimidating. An intimidating job ad talks too much about responsibilities and focuses too much on what the employees cannot do. It talks about too many expectations. The overall impression of the job ad is such that most of the candidates start thinking of themselves unfit for the job. Yes, it is a problem when too many people apply for the job and many of the resumes are of the people who don’t even qualify with the job requirements. However, you can handle that matter. What you cannot afford to do is to prevent potential and talented candidates from applying in the first place.

How to Make Your Job Ads Inviting

The best move you can make in this department is to give the job to a company like When your HR professional is not fully aware of a particular job’s requirements and the right questions to ask from a particular candidate, the result is an unfit ad. To make the ad look impressive, the HR professional might add in too much generic information and general expectations. Resultantly, the job ad starts to look as though the company is looking for some superhero. Just like you want a custom resume from the candidate, you need to have a non-generic, specific, and customized job ad for each job category.

If you are looking to hire manufacturing staff, you want your ad to address manufacturing professionals in particular. If you are not fully aware of the job responsibilities of and expectations from a manufacturing professional, you should let someone who knows about them post the ad. Better yet, you should let these professionals do the hiring for you. In other words, you should hire manufacturing recruiters who can provide you with the most suitable candidates for your manufacturing job positions.

Final Thoughts

Imagine your company inviting you to an employees’ day and asking you to participate in a race with other employees. Now imagine if the company gives the description of a perfect Olympic athlete and asks you to meet those requirements to participate in the race. You won’t feel invited and encouraged participate, will you? The case of your job ad should be similar. While there is nothing wrong with mentioning job responsibilities, job role, and your expectations from the candidate, you should also focus on other things that encourage the candidate to apply for the job. Offer some benefits to the candidate so he/she feels the need to get this job.  

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